Alex O’Rourke, Logistics Section Chief

Mr. O’Rourke serves as the Logistics Section Chief for BCFS HHS. He held an integral role responding to a Type II sheltering operation, which grew within weeks to a Type I, 3,800 bed shelter with full wrap services. As Logistics Chief, he managed the growth of the operation working directly with vendors and sub-contractors as it expanded from 1,000 to 3,800 bed capacity, sustaining operations for several months before demobilization. Mr. O’Rourke also served as Logistics Section Chief for an emergency shelter for 250 bed operation that grew to 1,000 bed capacity while providing all wrap services with vendors and sub-contractors. Each operation entailed full responsibility for all contractual services to include meals, lodging, transportation, and full wrap services for all responders and guests. He has also responded in support roles for BCFS HHS from the ESF-8 position with Texas EMTF-8 Emergency Hospital providing a 48-bed field hospital with 4 ER beds supporting victims from the West, Texas explosion to hurricanes. Responsibilities included supporting the sheltering operations from the incipient phase of the event receiving the emergent victims from the USAR ESF-9, all the way through, until the high acuity patients were stabilized and transported to other facilities. Other supportive roles included responding to support the Emergency Operations Center for their response to the FLDS Raid resulting in the sheltering of the children that were removed from the ranch.