Lisa C. Amaya, Executive Director

Reviewed by Lisa: YES 03OCT2022

Lisa Amaya joined National EMR in 2015 and was quickly promoted through the ranks to head up the organization as the Executive Director. Having served multiple years under the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), Lisa has an impressive career in the field of emergency management and extensive experience leading public health and medical preparedness projects; developing emergency preparedness plans, protocols, and exercise-related training; and facilitating emergency response coordination between stakeholders.


Lisa Amaya is a Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP) and holds a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA), as well as multiple certifications from FEMA and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services (TEEX) in mass care planning and operations, national preparedness, and enhanced incident management. During her seven-year tenure at National EMR, Amaya has responded to over ten (10) type I, II, and III missions as the Planning Section Chief, Operations Section Chief, and Incident Commander and led ESF-6 and ESF-8 projects as a subject matter expert. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lisa played a pivotal role leading National EMR efforts to support the state of Texas’ response to the pandemic for over two continuous years, guiding the organization to become the chief provider of monoclonal antibody treatment across the state.